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Raipur is an important town and the capital of the newly formed state of Chhattisgarh in central India. It is a flourishing city not only in terms of industry but also tourism as it ropes in large numbers of tourists from various corners of India. The district occupies the south eastern part of the upper Mahanadi valley and the bordering hills in the south and the east. Thus, the district is divided into two major physical divisions, Viz., the Chattisgarh plain and the Hilly Areas. So check out these tourist attractions as a part of Raipur Tours.

  • Chitrakoot Water falls 274 kms
  • Tirathgarh Waterfalls 317 kms
  • Barnavapara Jungle 102 kms
  • Sirpur 82 kms
  • Rajim 48 kms
  • Gangrel Dam 76 Kms
  • Kaivalya Dham Temple 15 kms
  • Dongargarh Temple 111 kms